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Sing Out Loud – In The Recording Studio

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On Saturday, 25th June 2011, around two dozen members of Sing Out Loud recorded their first EP length CD, of eight songs – complete with the special Sing Out Loud melody and harmony arrangements – which are becoming well known, and popular, around the area.

This is a milestone for Sing Out Loud, which met for the first time on 6th November 2008!  The songs were regularly rehearsed, in class – along with other favourites – before selecting the ones to be recorded, for the CD.

However, it’s not the first time that some of the Sing Out Loud-ers have been in a Recording Studio!  In October 2010, around twenty of them, crowded into a local recording studio, to sing backing vocal harmonies for a track written by local musician, Mike O’Leary (please see Links page, for further details), called “First Christmas Night”.

Mike was delighted with the results of Sing Out Loud’s involvement!

Copies of the new, Sing Out Loud EP length CD, are available to purchase, for a reasonable cost.  Now, Sing Out Loud can hear themselves sing, and

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know how wonderful they sound – as do those amongst their friends and family, who have already heard them!

Stop Press:

After hearing Sing Out Loud perform a few songs, at a recent event, another, well-known, Essex musician and songwriter, Richard Dobney, recently

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made enquires about the possibility of Sing Out Loud adding vocal harmonies onto a track, for his forthcoming album.

So, the excellent reputation of Sing Out Loud, now appears to precede them!!

Watch this space, for more information on this exciting new opportunity – which will be released here, first!!

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