Sing Out Loud Colchester are delighted to welcome three new singers, who joined us, yesterday, on the first day of the new term.  They had a wonderful evening, and signed up, there and then, and are looking forward to learning lots of new songs, with us in the coming weeks.  The group is growing well, with some very focused singers, who have picked up, maybe 2/3 of the Sing Out Loud repertoire, since late October, 2014.  This has enabled them to join in our occasional outside performances, such as Leigh Folk Festival (21st June 2015), and their Winter warm-up/fund-raiser, the Winter Folk and Ale Fest, on 21st March 2015.

On Wednesday 22nd April, we have been invited to perform in the St Botolph’s Wednesday Lunch Time Concert Series.  Our first performance in Colchester.  We will be taking about 30 Sing Out Loud-ers from both Colchester and Chelmsford, and everyone is looking forward to having a great time.  If you enjoy singing, and would like to join in a few songs with us, during the lunch hour, then do come along, at 1.00pm (doors open at midday, for hot drinks).  Entrance by donation.

We look forward to seeing you, there.