Champagne Flutes and Sing Out Loud (Sunday 14th October, 2012)

Sing Out Loud has been invited to take part in an early evening concert, featuring Champagne Flutes and Sing Out Loud (“Champagne Flutes” are organising this charity concert, as part of their annual performance programme).

Champagne Flutes invited Sing Out Loud to join them, to provide an interesting and varied concert, including tunes from the flautists, and songs from the singers – each group will perform separately.

The location, timing, etc, are shown below, and/or, for more information, on our fellow-performers, please see:


Date: Sunday October 14th 2012

Performance Time: 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm (Sing Out Loud-ers to arrive from 5.00 pm, please).

Location: The Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, Queen’s Road Brentwood CM14 4EX (which has an excellent performance space, with superb acoustics).

Cost: Guests £5.00 (adults)/£2.50 (children/retired). (NB: ALL profits donated to Macmillan Cancer Support Charity).

Programme: Champagne Flutes will play a selection of tunes, interspersed with a selection of songs, performed by Sing Out Loud.