Chelmsford & Colchester Sing Out Loud, Together

Thursday 6th November, was the first evening back at Sing Out Loud Chelmsford, after the half-term holidays. Coincidentally, it was also our sixth ‘anniversary’ – the very first ever meeting of Sing Out Loud, was held in Chelmsford, on Thursday, 6th November 2008. Some of the members who were at that first meeting, are still singing with us, today. 🙂

So, we celebrated with a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sing Out Loud (lovely harmonies, Kevin(!)), and, some very special chocolate biscuits during the break, too (it has to be done)!! 🙂 Welcome back to all our singers and a very warm welcome to our two new ladies.

We are now, also looking forward to our first ‘official’ meeting of Sing Out Loud, Colchester, on Monday 10th November. The ‘exchange’ between the two groups, is already coming into play. So, if you miss a class at your usual group (so long as you let us know, and there is space, at the other venue, that week), you are most welcome to attend the other location.

We look forward to seeing some Chelmsford singers in Colchester, on Monday, AND, some Colchester singers have already expressed an interest in attending Chelmsford on coming Thursdays, because they already know they can’t make their usual Monday group. 🙂