Just a brief Blog, this week, to say that, next week, we will be working on the four songs we haven’t yet sung.  If you’re not sure which those are, then, please check back , and have a little look-see on the last two or three Blog posts to find out.

If you are unable to add a Comment to the Blog, then, please send me a quick email, and, come back, again, later, the same day or the following day, to try again.

Luckily, Sue reported, last night, that she’d tried to add a Comment, earlier in the week, and was unable to do so – which means we are aware of the issue

Therefore it is now in the very capable hands of the Technical Support guys, who work fairly fast to resolve any issues.  However, if any SoL-ers ARE able to make a Comment, we will see it and approve it, as soon as we can. 

Or, if SoL-ers CAN’T leave a Comment, and report that back to us, by email, then we will  know whether or not the problem has been fully resolved, and can follow it up, if necessary.  Thank you.

See you next week, for the last session before Half Term, after which we return on Thursday 7th November 2013.

That evening, we will all be celebrating the FIFTH Anniversary of the start of Sing Out Loud, which falls the day before, ie 6th November!!  We will bring Chocolate Cake or other delights to celebrate this wonderful occasion! 🙂

Have a tuneful week, folks!