How To Join

Most people discover whether they like something, by experiencing it, for themselves.  Why not come along, one Thursday evening (Chelmsford), for your Sing Out Loud Taster Session (your first week is FREE)?  Fees £90.00 per term (pro rata’d, when you join).

You’ll receive a very warm, friendly welcome, whether you come with a friend, or on your own (read our Testimonials Page, to see what other singers have said about their first time at Sing Out Loud).

At Chelmsford, please bring your own mug and spoon, for a cuppa and chat, during the break.  We’ll ask if you enjoyed yourself and whether you’d like to join, but that’s all.  There’s no pressure.  If Sing Out Loud is right for you, you’ll know, and you’ll probably be a Sing Out Loud kind of person, and stay for ages.

We’ll explain the joining process, and, as a member, you’ll enjoy all the social and health benefits of singing with others.  Members will become friends, as you sing together, or attend events.  You’ll get to know and meet people from other Sing Out Loud groups, too.

We look forward to seeing you, soon.

To book a free Taster session, at your local community singing group, please click here for Chelmsford

If you wish to email, visit our Contact Us Page.  We will be delighted to answer your questions and tell you all about Sing Out Loud.