How We Work

How The Class Works:

At Sing Out Loud, there are NO auditions. The ability to read music is NOT required.  We learn ‘by ear’, and encourage everyone to develop at their own pace.

If it works well in a group, we will sing anything from Folk to Jazz; Pop, to Show tunes; World Music, 1930s, 1960s, Contemporary, and other styles by common consensus.  Our experienced tutor teaches a wealth of songs and styles, using guitar for accompaniment.

Suitable requests may be accepted in advance, where a group arrangement will work well.  New songs are regularly included, and learning will be consolidated by the occasional small-scale, group performances, at outside events, or special Charitable events.  Friends, family and prospective singers, are welcome at any such performance(s).

Sing Out Loud offers an inclusive, encouraging, safe, friendly space in which to explore, or discover your voice.  For example, our approach in which we believe that: “If you can talk you can sing,” and “We don’t mind the odd off-note along the way,” helps increase individual confidence and encourages people to extend their singing beyond what they previously thought possible.

What We Are Doing, And Why:

There is much comment in the media today, identifying how music and singing help reduce stress and aid health improvement.  An article at states:

“Professor Grenville Hancox, director of Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, in Kent, has been working to persuade the medical profession to prescribe singing instead of Prozac!  ‘If we could engage more and more people in singing, I’m sure we would have a healthier nation.’”

We, too, are aware of these benefits, and of the generally healing nature of singing.  Singing with others has been experienced as beneficial, after periods of difficult life changes or illnesses, and has been a very helpful part of the individual path to recovery.

The class will be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to sing with others, using melody and harmony – purely for the joy of using your voice.  If you, too, enjoy doing this, then Sing Out Loud is probably what you have been looking for!