Friendly despot here,

Hoping this finds you all well and raring to go for another exciting week in The Autumn Sessions.  We’re kicking off on Monday at Colchester with the new members there (and remember Chelmsford you are most welcome to come and join in there – just let Karen know), then, Thursday evening at Chelmsford.

You should all, now, have received by email the handful of Christmas songs we intend to include in the programme for the SingOutLOud for Someone’s Supper evening on Dec 4th…  Last week’s sessions were marvellous and there was a wonderful buzz on Thursday night – you all sounded great!

Soon the Christmas break will be upon us and before you know it we will be embarking on The Spring Sessions. I feel it’s going to be a fabulous 2015.  (A number of you have kindly saved Karen the need for dealing with 2015 enrolments on Dec 4th, and perhaps the rest can see her this week before we start or during teabreak to further ease the pressure, and secure your place for the Spring Sessions).

It is wonderful to hear how good the group is now sounding and to experience the joy and confidence, the spirit of friendship, well-being and community in the group.

Looking forward to our sessions