Simone Perks

I am honoured to be one of the tutors for Sing Out Loud. I understand more than most what power singing can have in our lives and how wonderful it can make us feel. I was blessed with a youth full of the very best musicians and musical experiences. I travelled all over and I “retired” from music in my early 20’s. I still sang every day, all the time, but not with anyone. Seven years ago I received a call from an old band mate and that started a chain of events that saw me singing again at open mics and then out gigging again.

When I was made redundant from the grown-up job 5 years ago, I knew I had the opportunity to make music my priority again.  In doing so I’ve had the most amazing journey and learn every day. Not only do I sing with lots of other musicians professionally but I coach people from all walks of life, with all abilities and disabilities. It’s a complete joy to help others find their voice.

I am so looking forward to sharing music with you at Sing Out Loud. Come along, leave the world outside for a couple of hours and enjoy a fun evening of singing with everyone.


We are delighted to welcome Simone, to Sing Out Loud.  She comes with an excellent background in performing, and is very experienced in teaching and coaching singing to people of all abilities and backgrounds.   Simone will be working with the Sing Out Loud Chelmsford evening group, and may occasionally deputise at Thurrock.