Social Mission Statement

The Social Mission of local community singing group, Sing Out Loud, is to nurture the joy of singing.  We offer men and women of any age, a friendly, welcoming, inclusive space, to sing with others.  Through belonging to Sing Out Loud, new and beginner singers can improve their health, well-being, confidence, and social life.

At Sing Out Loud, beginner and unsure singers find their voice, because we welcome singers of any ability.  There are no auditions, and no need to read music.  We learn a wide variety of new and familiar songs, by ear.

Our local community singing groups are small enough, so ‘everyone knows your name’.  There is plenty of time to socialise, and foster friendships, and inter-group or social activities plus performance events.

Today, the health benefits of singing are well known.  Individual health needs are sensitively handled, within the groups, and at social events or performances, where necessary.

In practice, Sing Out Loud is a real-life community.  Our groups consist of a wider ‘family’ of individuals, with a common interest in singing with others.  Members of Sing Out Loud groups, often help each other, in an apparent and ever-evolving “Community in Action”.

Sing Out Loud:

“Community In Action”

To book a free Taster session, at your local community singing group, please click here for Chelmsford