Term Dates – Thursdays CHELMSFORD

Term Dates 2016 – 2017 

Chelmsford – Thursday Term Dates:

Autumn Term Dates, 2016:

Thursday 15th September 2016 – Thursday 13th October 2016 (inclusive)

Thursday 10th November 2016 – Thursday 8th December 2016 (inclusive)

Spring Term Dates, 2017:

Thursday 5th January 2017 – Thursday 2nd February 2017 (inclusive)

Thursday 23rd February 2017 – Thursday 23rd March 2017 (inclusive)

Summer Term Dates, 2017:

Thursday 20th April 2017 – Thursday 18th May 2017 (inclusive)

Thursday 8th June 2017 – Thursday 6th July 2017 (inclusive)

(Spare Thursday Dates: Autumn: 20th October 2016, 15th Dec 2016; Spring: 9th Feb 2017; 30th March 2017 Summer: 25th May 2017; 13th July 2017)

To Join Sing Out Loud:

If you, or anyone you know, would like to sing with a friendly, supportive and welcoming group, then for full details, including venues, term dates, costs, and to pre-book your place (essential):

Please  Email: info@sing-out-loud.co.uk

Or, call: 0800 840 6469

(Whether by email or phone, please will you include your contact telephone number, and the best time to call, in your message, thank you.)