Wow!! What can I say!?! We were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity in the donations received for the Chelmsford FoodBank, at our Sing Out Loud For

"Sing Out Loud For Someone's Supper" Food Contributions

Some of the Food Contributed to Chelmsford Foodbank at “Sing Out Loud For Someone’s Supper”

Someone’s Supper event, in Chelmsford, last night.

The fact that almost all of our singers made it – and many of our guests – despite the enormous traffic holdups, through and around Chelmsford, following an accident on the London-bound A12, was amazing. It took David and me, two hours to do a 35 minute journey! So, instead of arriving an hour ahead of everyone else, we were a bit late, too!!

Luckily, though, due to our pre-planning, everyone has a role at Sing Out Loud Open House events (just as well, on this occasion!!). So, there was no need for panic! Everyone knew what to do, so things were running smoothly, and everything was ready, and waiting to go, when we arrived!! J All we needed were our Guests and the rest of our singers!!

The journey was particularly difficult for the Colchester Sing Out Loud contingent! So, Gold Stars for effort, to all of you, for getting there, AND for joining in, on ALL the songs – even those you’ve not sung before!

From the comments we’ve received, from audience and singers, alike, it was worth everyone’s efforts to attend. Those arriving later were welcomed into the room by David, and we were all delighted that you made it!

The first half of the evening was dedicated to songs from our general repertoire, followed by a break for hot drinks and refreshments. There looked to be a similar weight in cake, to the amount of food donated to the FoodBank (so, Christmas must have officially started, now)!! 🙂

Then, Mark Parrott, Pastor of Grove Road Evangelical Church (where Sing Out Loud have been meeting for the last 4 or 5 years), gave a few words of welcome, to Ruth Leverett, Project Manager of the Chelmsford FoodBank.

Ruth gave us an insight to how much hope is given to those who, for whatever immediate difficulties, have to use the FoodBank. They find hope in themselves, and from the kindness of others. It was interesting to learn that those people who meet and greet users of the FoodBank and offer a listening ear, are an intrinsic part of the excellent work done, by this organisation.

Your donations were most welcome, and will be a very great help, in the coming weeks. So, thank you, to everyone, for attending the evening, and for your contributions to this vital charity.

So, here’s wishing you Season’s Greetings. We look forward to seeing you, either at the next Colchester Monday class, OR the celebratory SingSong on Monday 15th December (7.15 for a 7.30 start, to 9.30 pm), OR, in the New Year.

Best wishes