Why Karen Hughes Set Up Sing Out Loud

Karen Hughes set up Sing Out Loud in Chelmsford, in November 2008.

She’d enjoyed singing with others, whilst living briefly, in Cambridgeshire, and, on returning to Essex, looked for a similar group. Karen doesn’t read music and was far too shy to audition, so couldn’t join a choir. Karen wanted to sing folk, musicals, contemporary pop, singer-songwriter.

Being unable to find the kind of local singing group she was looking for, Karen located a venue (initially, Christchurch in New London Road), a tutor, and, through press and radio coverage, found two dozen singers.  This enabled her to set up Community Singing Group: Sing Out Loud.

Karen says “For many years I’ve had a chronic ‘physical’ health condition. I was also very shy. Through running Sing Out Loud and singing regularly, I have grown in confidence. I will now, happily, teach a new song to the singers.  I’ve rediscovered myself, my health and my voice, through singing regularly, with Sing Out Loud, and now sing confidently, in front of others.

To book a free Taster session, at your local community singing group, please click here for Chelmsford